Connective Culture is growing! March 2014

My current mantra “think aloud and write everything down“.  Our initial plan was for 3 Eastbourne schools, 3 cultural partners, 1 tech organisation, artists and developers. That was 4 months ago, our partners at this moment include:

5 schools

Cultural partners

University partner

Tech partner

Funding partner

Additional partners

We are still tweaking the final program of events and are in discussion with our artists and developers about what they would like to bring to the project. The cluster of three towns; Eastbourne, Margate and Oxford, allows us to share practice and resources, 🙂 special mention to fabulous Kate Kneale, Digital Artist & Project Manager, Margate. I’m already proud of this project and what it grew from therefore, was happy to speak about my classroom practice and Connective Culture at Brighton TeachMeet – 27 mins in 😉 #tmbton. There were more enthusiastic potential project partners in the room. I expect the partnership list to increase!

We have finalised dates for our initial events:

The Eventbrite pages for these events are now live.

It has also become apparent that the staying factor/influence of this project, will be publicising this great and growing network of collaborative people, the fact that it exists and wants to work together well into the future.


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